The Best Hair Trends and Fashions for 2023 and How to Rock Them

The new year brings fresh new hair trends that allow you to update your look and exude confidence. In 2023, vibrant copper tones, expensive brunette hues, curtain bangs, shags, and colorful styles are heating up. While trends come and go, learning professional tips helps you achieve chic, flattering results. Follow this guide covering the top color and cut trends and advice for rocking them beautifully.

The Top Hair Color Trends for 2023

Hair color is one of the easiest ways to try a new fashionable look. These shades are forecast to be huge this year:

Copper and Auburn Shades

Warm copper and auburn hair colors are having a major moment. These shades range from pale strawberry blonde to deep cherry wood hues. The warmth is flattering on most skin tones. Ask your colorist for buttery copper money piece highlights around the face or an overall cinnamon spice color.

Expensive Brunette

Rich chocolate and espresso brown tones are ultra-luxe and elegant. Go a few shades deeper for a striking yet sophisticated look. Adding subtle bronze balayage and golden highlights keep the dark color from looking flat. Expensive brunette works on both cool and warm complexions.

Bright Bold Blondes

Platinum and bright golden blond hues made a splash in 2022 and continue trending into the new year. These vivid shades make a statement and attract attention. Try color melting for a seamless effect. Rose gold and buttery blondes are also gorgeous variations of this trend.

Vibrant Fashion Colors

Vibrant hair is having a major moment. Think pink, purple, and even neon tones. Vivid all-over color orconcentrated color in sections creates fun and fearless style. Temporary colors allow you to experiment with the most dramatic shades.

Most Popular Haircut and Styling Trends for 2023

Flattering and chic cuts are equally important for an on-trend look:

Curtain Bangs

The curtain bang craze is still going strong in 2023. These face-framing bangs swoop longer on the sides to “curtain” the cheeks and eyes. They complement oval, round, square, and heart shaped faces when cut correctly. Ask for light bang layers and regular trims for upkeep.

Shag Cuts

Textured, piece-y shag cuts add body and movement. Choppy layers around the crown and side-swept fringe create an undone style. Shags work on thick, medium, and thin hair when properly layered. Achieve the look by flat ironing pieces for separation.

Layered Lobs and Other Mid-Length Cuts

Collarbone-length lobs (long bobs) with soft layers flatter a variety of face shapes. Shoulder-skimming cuts are versatile and easy to style. One-length cuts look modern and blunt cuts add edge. Add bangs for a playful look.

Face-Framing Highlights and Color Melting

Subtle dark roots melting into sun-kissed highlights and ends is the peak of color dimension. Strategic face-framing highlights around the hairline also remain popular. Mix cool and warm tones for multi-dimensional effects.

Tips for Achieving the Top Color Trends

Vibrant dye jobs and bold color changes require special expertise. Follow these tips for stunning results:

Consult a Colorist

Leave dramatic color transformations to the professionals. Skilled colorists know how to gently achieve vibrant fashion shades or expensive brunette tones while avoiding damage. They also incorporate the right tones for your complexion.

Use Toners and Gloss Treatments

Purple toners banish brassy undertones from blonde hair. Red or copper glosses boost color intensity or shift hue slightly. Ask your colorist when these should be scheduled to maintain color between appointments.

Try Temporary Options First

Semi-permanent dyes, colored shampoos, root touch-up powders, and clip-in extensions let you test out daring hues without full commitment. Always do an allergy test.

Use Protective Products and Limit Heat Styling

To keep hair healthy when coloring frequently, rely on repairing masks, leave-in treatments with UV filters, and heat protectant. Allow hair to air dry instead of blow drying to prevent damage.

Styling and Products for On-Trend Cuts

Achieving trending cuts involves specific styling techniques and products:

Add Texture with Salt Sprays

For intentionally messy shags and layered styles, spray salt spray on damp hair before blow drying or air drying. This adds beachy texture and separation with a matte finish.

Blow Dry with Round Brush for Bouncy Layers

Round brushes smooth layers under and lift the roots for volume. Direct airflow up towards the scalp and ends down for sleekness with lots of movement.

Air Dry Curtain Bangs Completely

Let curtain bangs air dry without heat or touching them to allow the sides to swoop down naturally. Apply styling cream once fully dry.

Use Styling Creams for Definition

Defined curls, sleek hair, prominent layers, and bangs benefit from styling creams with hold. Apply to damp hair before heat or air drying. This controls frizz and flyaways.

Choosing Trends Based on Your Hair Type and Skin Tone

Personal characteristics impact which trends harmonize best:

Best Colors for Warm Undertones

Those with warm golden, peach, or olive undertones look radiant in copper, auburn, and golden blond shades. Cooler platinum and ash tones may wash them out.

Best Cuts for Thick Hair

Thick hair can pull off blunt cuts nicely. Layers provide movement and reduce heaviness. Avoid severe angles that remove too much density.

Trends to Avoid with Thin Hair

Shags and heavily layered styles can accentuate thinness. Opt for shoulder length cuts with minimal layers. Darker rich colors also create fullness.

Upkeep and Maintenance for Trendy Styles

Staying on top of maintenance preserves stylish looks:

Regular Trim and Conditioning Treatments

Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends and refresh style. Use weekly repairing hair masks to keep hair healthy enough for trends.

Use Heat Protectant When Styling

Heat damage causes fading, dryness, and breakage. Always apply a heat protectant before using hot tools to minimize harm from achieving sleek, smooth styles.

Schedule Root Touch-Ups

Growing out roots can ruin an expensive color quickly. Plan for professional root touch-ups every 4-6 weeks to maintain vibrant hues.

Change Partings Frequently

Altering your parting prevents uneven fading and distribues oils from scalp to ends. Style opposite your usual part a few days per week.


Hair trends offer an exciting way to update your look with the seasons. The top colors, cuts, and styles forecast for 2023 allow you to experiment with fresh vibrancy and dimension. While trends come and go, basic techniques for nourishing hair, preventing damage, and enhancing natural features remain timeless. A great cut also builds the foundation for temporarily trying bold dyes. Work with trusted stylists and colorists to achieve stylish looks tailored your hair type and lifestyle. With the right inspiration and maintenance, you can confidently own the hottest hair fashions and formulate your signature style.


How often should I get a trim for trendy styles?

Get a trim every 6-8 weeks for shags, blunt cuts, and defined layers. Curtain bangs need trims every 4-6 weeks. Limiting split ends helps trends last.

What if I don’t like a dramatic color after dying it?

Give yourself 2-4 weeks to adjust to a major change. Cool tones can be warmed up and warm shades softened. If still unhappy, consult a colorist for your options.

Can I do a trendy cut at home?

It’s best to get major style changes at a professional’s salon. Small trims can be done at home in between visits. Avoid chopping length yourself.

How do I prevent damage from coloring hair?

Always do a test strand, space out coloring services, use Olaplex or protein treatments, avoid overlapping lightener, and apply oil to protect the lengths while dyeing the roots.

Should I show my stylist inspiration photos?

Yes, show several examples of colors, cuts, or styles you like to help your stylist understand the look you’re going for and what will work for you.

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